And So It Begins…

9 Mar

Jerky and lycra. The two greatest inventions known to man.

If you are savvy in the fashion blogger world, you are probably thinking that I ripped the name from Cashmere and Cupcakes. And you are right, I did – I love that blog. However, I have never owned anything cashmere and if I even looked at a cupcake, I’d gain 10 lbs, so I avoid them like the plague.

My favorite outfits in the whole world are yoga pants and a t-shirt or dresses with tights, when I actually have to leave the house. Hence, lycra. And I have been trying to adhere to a paleo lifestyle for the past 2 years. Hence, jerky.

If you don’t know what the paleo diet is, I highly suggest you read about it here. And here. Or here.

The whole name behind this blog takes me back to an interview I once had where I was asked to pretend that I was on a speed dating date and I needed to describe myself in 5 words or less. Looking back, I should have said jerky and lycra. Probably would have gotten it.


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