Good Reads and a Clean Closet

19 Mar

After an extremely productive 3 hours yesterday afternoon, I successfully deep cleaned my spacious 350 square foot apartment, including cleaning out my closet and gathering 8 full shopping bags of clothes, shoes and accessories to sell and donate.

In the process, I found two brand new pairs of shoes, still in their boxes, shirts I never knew I owned, 3 fabulous sundresses I had fogotten about, a $50 gift card to Safeway, my library card, my old WWU student card and about 3 million hair ties.

I already returned one pair of shoes, adding $70 to my bank account and am hoping to get between $75 and $100 when I sell the rest of my stuff this afternoon. Enough money to begin filling my closet with more clothing I will forget about and then donate a year later – Winning!

In addition to boasting about my organizational victory, I also wanted to share a list of blogs that I find  bookmark worthy and read on a daily basis – mostly because I can’t figure out how to add a blogroll to this damn site.

1) Can You Stay For Dinner? Andie Mitchell is the author and I find her beautiful inside and out. Not only do I like the site for it’s recipes, but for her personal confessions and her blunt honesty.

2) Everyday Paleo I’ve been following this blog since I began my paleo journey over 2 years ago. Sarah Fragoso shares about her life following a paleo diet, staying motivated and the joys of CrossFit. I find her very inspiring. She also has guests posts by Jason Seib who is awesome and provides lots of non-sugar coated advice.

3) Atlantic-Pacific This is hands down my favorite fashion blog. She never fails to put together great outfits and plays around a lot with color and texture. Love it.

4) Today’s Letters I absolutely love this blog. The Loerke’s are an amazing couple and I love reading the letters that they write to eachother.

5) 27bslash6 A bit crude, but hilarious stories of a British smartass who posts his email communications with people. Most famously known for the Overdue Account and Missing Missy stories. If you haven’t read these before, then you better do that now.

6) WebMD Mostly kidding. However, I went through a stage where nearly everyday I was sure I was dying of some form of cancer, heart failure or blood poisoning. Luckily, webmd always reassured me that it was probably too much caffeine on an empty stomach, or cancer, or I was pregnant…

7) Cupcakesandcashmere Great fashion blog. Also the inspiration behind the name of this blog.

8) lowcarbhighstyle Another great blog on paleo recipes and fashion – the greatest combo since almond butter and bananas. I like this blog because she is your girl next door who started her own personal fashion consultancy company.

9) Apartment Therapy The best site on everything decorating related. I love looking through the home tours.

10)  The WOD Shop My favorite meat head site. The ‘WODs’ tab provides a list of workout categories and then provides randomly generated workouts for time or reps. The wods are great for when you can’t make it into CrossFit or can’t afford to spend half your monthly income on membership fees.

Now that you know the top 10 sites I visit everyday, you are probably wondering a) how I find time to get any work done and b) how I manage to keep my job. I wonder the same thing.


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