Cocoa Butter, Lace, Spanglish & Days of the Week Undies

20 Mar

These are a few of my favorite things!

I woke up early this morning and worked out and had about 3 cups of coffee (yes, I decided to give up caffeine about a week ago), and since then can’t keep my thoughts organized or focused. Already had to remove all shiny objects from my desk.

So here goes some random, unorganized thoughts.

Last week I bought my first bottle of cocoa butter. I have always avoided that stuff because it is really thick and doesn’t absorb all that well, but thought I’d try it since my dermatologist recommended it to keep your legs “looking young”. Well, apart from the sticky part and that my legs shouldn’t look that old anyway, and the fact that my sheets and anything that touches me smells like cookies, I love it! My skin actually already feels better and I am starting to enjoy smelling like a bakery at work.

My next newest love is lace. Here is a brief glimpse at my collection:

I actually have that dress in black and the top is white, but you get the idea. Also, two items of lace are the most I have ever owned – therfore I can classify it as a “collection”. However, now that I have started down this road, I can only imagine that I will be head-to-toe lace in no time.

Love numero 3 – Spanglish. This has now seeped into my professional life as well, which is no bueno. I have replied to an email with “muchas gracias!” and answered the phone saying “hola!”. Spanglish rehab will start today. Or at least by the end of the week.

Lastly, my missing love is days of the week underwear. My mom bought these for me when I was about 5 or 6, and I didn’t appreciate them for the awesomeness they were. Now that I am an adult, I think I’d want a 7-pack of Tuesday’s, since that is a great day of the week and so that anyone who caught a glimpse of my underoos would be appalled that I hadn’t showered since Tuesday…

Think this will be my spring splurge, Juicy Couture:

And finally, as a follow-up to yesterday’s sadly hopeful post about getting $75-100 in exchange for my used clothes – the actual total came in at $25.42 and they wanted 5 pieces. Seriously? Thank God my friend Sarah was with me, otherwise I would have gone through every rejected piece, quoting the original price, beauty and a special time I wore it so they would know the value they were missing out on.

I then spent $2 of that hard earned cash to pay the remainder of the parking they wouldn’t validate. Epic fail.


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