Sprummer 2011

22 Mar

I know it’s only March, but a quick glance at my calendar this morning has made me super giddy. With the exception of April, in which basically nothing is happening, I have a full line up of trips starting in May and running solid through July. In order, I will be traveling to Whistler, St. George, Utah, Greece, Arizona, Seabrook, WA, California and Shelton.

Shelton, WA is for sure the most exotic, so be jealous.

With all of this lined up, two things popped into my head: 1) I am going to be broke and 2) I really need some new sprummer clothes.

The first problem was solved by the wonderfulness of credit cards (kidding, mostly) and the second was solved by Target – my second true love. Here is my shopping list for sprummer 2011:

Starting from the top left: all skirts are from Target. Hat – Target. Zip-off pants – REI. Blue capris – GAP. Asics Gel Blurr-33 – Nordstrom. White coverup – Target.

Once my sprummer collection is complete, my next task is to focus on work and not be distracted by the thoughts of beaches, margaritas and debt.

Also, I bought a new nail polish last night called “Blue Me Away!”. Not sure if it’s really blowing me away, but here is a look.

Don’t judge how odd my hand looks, it must be the camera….

And lastly, I will leave you with a creepy, yet convenient fact/story.

I needed a duplicate key made for my apartment, so last night I went to a little kiosk at the University Village and paid $3.60 to have a duplicate made in about 90 seconds. This was extremely convenient and fast, but creeped me out how easy it is to have a key copied and how anyone can do it.

That’s all.


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