White Pants Scare Me

26 Mar

True story. If I had to make a list of fears, white pants would be in the top 20.

Why? Mostly because I am spastic. Drinking coffee would scare me, eating or drinking anything that wasn’t clear would scare me and most of all, forgetting that white pants are see-through and wearing rainbow print underwear. Need I say more?

However, with the fears aside, I feel like I still need a pair of white linen pants. What if someone were to invite me on their sailboat?

With that, I am considering these pants from the Gap:

Also, if you order anything online from the GAP today and enter SPRINGSAVE, you get 25% off your order. $50 for a summer classic may just be worth it.

In other fashion news, I discovered the Nordstrom bonus points calendar this morning. This is awesome and terrible at the same time.

And now, two final thoughts: 1) Whipped cream vodka is delicious. 2) Really like the blog, Kipping Squats – full of awesome paleo recipes and inspiration. Oh, and the author is a member at my CrossFit gym, nbd.


One Response to “White Pants Scare Me”

  1. healthyfrenchie March 26, 2012 at 6:04 pm #

    Great pants, I reckon you should get them! Just avoid ice cream, wine, cantaloupe or anything food related when you get on that boat 😉

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