Retirement & Life Giving Questions

27 Mar

Not sure why retirement is already on my mind, but that was all I could think about this morning after reading an article on MSN about how many retirees live in poverty. Technically, they say to start planning for retirement when you are 35, but I might as well get a jump on it now, right?

I found a bunch of retirement planning calculators, and the best suggestions I have found are to save 18% of your monthly salary, plan on living off of 75% of your annual salary in retirement and watch out for hidden taxes.

Just some food for thought there.

The other thing on my mind is time management and being at peace.

By nature, I am typically a little stressed. I think this is a gift from my mother’s side of the family – sorry Patram/Morgan’s. In order to keep things from actually stressing me out and getting in a funk, I like to refer back to my list of life giving questions.

I got this idea from Eugene Cho who is an outstanding pastor at Quest Church in Seattle and also the founder of One Day’s Wages. Here is his blog, definitely worth checking out.

Here are my life giving questions:

  • How often am I laughing? Am I enjoying what I am doing? how is work?
  • How am I doing with my relationships? Are we still having fun together and growing? Good communication. Deep conversation. Laughter. Adventure.
  • How am I doing with my friends? Am I making time to hang out with my friends? Are we hanging out more than just in the bar or group scene?
  • Am I sabbathing and sleeping? Is there a day or at least a half day when I am resting? Am I getting enough sleep? Am I taking good care of myself?
  • Am I working out? How often am I getting to CrossFit? Am I running? Do I see exercise as enjoyable rather than a chore?
  • Am I spending enough time alone? have I checked in with myself lately? Where am I with my goals?
  • Am I spending enough time talking with family? Do I know what they are up to? Am I encouraging them? Have I called them lately? Any birthdays coming up?
  • Am I praying? Praying. Listening. Praying for myself; For others. Being still. Am I reading the scriptures?

Typically, if something feels off or I feel in a funk, it is because one of the above is out of whack.

It probably seems pretty cheesy, but I would highly encourage others to come up with a list of the things that make their life rich, what is truly important to them. If that is your main focus, it’s really hard to have any big regrets or feel off-balance.


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