It’s “Too”, Not “To”

30 Mar

What bothers me more than improper grammar? Basically nothing.

I received an email from our department head this morning congratulating our creative team for winning an award on the last ad campaign we launched. While this is a great accomplishment and feels good to be acknowledged for, my happiness was completely crushed with his final sentence:

“And of course congratulations to XXX to.”


No comma, the wrong use of “to” and he started a sentence with “and”. I nearly choked on my orange and died a little inside.

This is coming from an individual who directly faces our top clients, who represents our agency; an agency whose main job is to manage the small details and produce spotless ad campaigns. Just seems inappropriate.

I would file this email in the same FAIL folder as the other emails I receive from a few clients, which include the following terrible phrases and symbols: “lol!” “OMG!” 🙂 “hahaha, I forgot to attach the file!” “TGIF girl!”and “oopsies!”.

Sometimes it makes me want to slam my head against the ground and yell “I die, I die!”, just like my 3-year-old nephew does. (Funniest kid in the world).

(This kid loves straws more than life itself)

This same OCD sentiment toward proper grammar also applies to text messaging.

I once received a text from a guy I was dating that was almost entirely illegible, used “lol” and contained three smiley faces. It was like reading code. He never heard from me again. Harsh, but fair.

My final thought is that this post will now most likely contain tons of grammatical errors, just because that is how life goes….


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