The Monday List: Coconut Oil, Cinnamon and Cycling

2 Apr

Today marks the 2nd day of strict paleo consumption. I have said goodbye to alcohol and gluten-free snacks and even skipped the cream in my coffee this morning. I know, will power at it’s best.

With this I also wanted to re-evaluate my fat intake and make sure that I am getting my fats from the right sources. I still use EVOO for most of my cooking, but have learned that it is best at room temperature, rather than cooking, so I am making the switch to coconut oil.

Coconut oil, as I have learned, contains medium chain triglycerides, is easily digested, aids and supports the immune system and is more easily converted into energy. More on that here.

Along the lines of cooking, I want to start incorporating more cinnamon into my diet as well. this can be added to coffee, fruit and sweet potato dishes.

Cinnamon is beneficial as it has been shown to lower blood sugar, as well as stabilize blood sugar levels, which will definitely help curb those awful sugar cravings that come in the first week of cutting out breads and grains. More on cinnamon here.

Every time I think about cinnamon, this girl’s cinnamon challenge comes to mind. Hilarious.

And lastly, my new love for cycling.

Since my foot is still in crippled land and recent skin biopsies are keeping me out of the pool, the stationary bike has become my new best friend. It burns about the same amount of calories as running – approximately 330 in 45 minutes at a medium pace – and gives you a nice burn in the thighs and butt. Winning!

My new recovery goal is to be out of the boot by April 15th and I am hoping to be fully healed from my biopsies at that time too. Then it is back in the pool and on the bike for 4-5 weeks until I can slowly start running again.


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