Easy Paleo Lunches

3 Apr

In order to simplify my life and make sure that I stick to eating clean, I prepare all of my food ahead of time.

This means cooking all my proteins for the week on Sunday evenings and also restocking at the grocery store on fresh veggies, fruits and nuts. I have found that by doing it this way, I spend less time in the kitchen and my next paleo meal is never more than 10-15 minutes away.

I typically put my lunches together the night before and always have a protein and a fat and lots of veggies. I’m not a huge fan of having a dinner type of lunch – mostly cold stuff, randomly thrown together – and love Sarah Fragoso’s lunch ideas for her kids from everydaypaleo.

Here are a few of her ideas that I plan on incorporating into next week’s lunches:

I love how simple these are and how I don’t need to buy a ton of ingredients. This is especially helpful, as I typically follow the same shopping list each week and don’t like to have to go back to the store a bunch of times.

My next task is to come up with a list of creative paleo dinners and snacks. I am trying not to snack exclusively on dried fruit and nuts and to keep my salt intake down. More to come on this later.



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