‘Oh Shit’ Moments

18 Apr

Today is April 18th. Yesterday, realizing that it was already the 17th, I had an ‘oh shit’ moment.

I could have sworn that it was only the 2nd. I was dating my reports as April 2nd and everything. I have no idea where the last two weeks went. Things at work have been crazy busy and life has been very busy and exciting outside of work as well.

No complaints, just crazy how time can slip away from you.

I am now 2 weeks away from my trip to St. George, UT and 4 weeks away from Greece. I can’t believe how fast these are approaching!

So far this month, I have done a pretty good job focusing on paleo and making wise choices about what my healing body needs. My skin biopsy wounds are just about healed and my foot probably has one more week left in the boot. Thank goodness.

Since I will be able to walk and move like a normal person soon, I have the next 4 weeks to step it up and get back some of the muscle mass I have lost over the last 2 months. Here is the plan:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday – Gym workout. Combination of weight machines, calisthenics, rowing, cycling and swimming.

Thursday and Saturday – stretching and PT exercises. These will mostly be my rest days.

I’d like to be able to walk around Greenlake pain free before leaving for Greece and have a couple new pairs of stability shoes broken in. Getting the definition back in my legs would also be awesome and partnering exercise with paleo should help me get there.

Also – and this is totally random – Canadian bacon is delicious. I added a slice to my egg white scramble this morning and it was amazing. Each slice is only 20 cals and adds some nice protein and flavor to eggs.


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