Kale Chips and Red Pants

19 Apr

My latest culinary adventure involved making kale chips.

I’ve wanted to try making these ever since I saw a tiny bag of them at Whole paycheck for around $6, but thought that sounded a bit steep. I bought an entire bag of kale from TJ’s at about $2 and it took me about 20 mins to turn them into chips.

I pretty much guessed how to make them (hint: it’s not hard) and just pulled the leafy part off the stem, put them on a baking sheet, sprayed with olive oil and added pepper and light sea salt. I baked them at 400 for about as long as it takes to fold a load of laundry.

They were delicious.

Only down side is that by this morning they were a bit on the soggy side, but that didn’t stop me from eating them with my eggs.

(Please excuse the poor quality of these photos – my phone is from the 80s and it may be time for an upgrade.)

The excitement continued for me last night, as I met with my friend to go shopping at H&M. I finally found the perfect pair of red capris, that I matched with a cream polka dot blouse. Personally, I think it is a very clean, classic look.

My next buy: blue capris from the Gap. They are super comfortable, I just couldn’t bare to part with another $60 in one night. A girl has to draw the line somewhere.

And lastly, today marks day 1 of wearing two normal shoes to work! Today also marks the 3rd time I have worn jeans in the last 2 months. Very exciting indeed.


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