Eye On the Tri

24 Apr

Nearly a week has passed since I ditched the walking boot and things are progressing nicely. I am walking with almost no pain or discomfort and can bike, swim and do yoga again. Great success!

In the midst of my excitement to move normally again, I keep having to remind myself to build back slowly, so as not to put myself right back into the boot.

However, if this does happen, I am so getting myself a rascal and hope to be as happy as this woman:

But for now, my goal is to compete in my first sprint triathlon sometime at the end of this summer. Or whenever I finally get around to buying a bike.

A sprint tri is about a half mile swim, 12.5 mile bike ride and a 5k run. Fairly breezy. I think starting off on the sprint side of things will keep me from over-training and give me plenty of time to ramp-up and build back to my base. Also, if I decide during any part of the race that I am not a triathlon fan, I won’t have hours left to go. Win-win.

This also gives me a fantastic excuse to buy a bike, a pair ok Oakley’s, a new TYR two-piece and a unisuit. Again, winning.

Workout #1 starts tonight with a 33 lap swim, some stretching and a quick session in the sauna (just because I love the heat, not the awkward old men). Hoping to hit the gym about 4-5x per week to start, with some am yoga sessions, lots of stretching and rest whenever needed.

And now for a quick review on Trader Joe’s candied ginger:


It does soothe the stomach, but is pretty intense and the after taste lingers for a long time.


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