Oakley’s & A To-Do List

25 Apr

Now that I am 1 day into my tri training, I feel it appropriate to begin gearing up. First step: Oakley’s.

I saw this pair in the April issue of Self Magazine and instantly felt like they belonged on my face.

I have never run with sunglasses before, but these have grips on the sides so they stay in place. Also, they will block out UV rays and make me look more legit while running.

In other news, I discovered the blog Lark & Linen the other day and love her posts on “scenes from my weekend“. I love the idea of capturing the small moments in life and putting together an online collage, if you will, of past memories.

And lastly, my goal for this spring/summer (sprummer) is to be more random and adventurous.

My list of random things include:

  • Putting random pics of JT on people’s calendars
  • Leaving sticky notes in secret places for the bf to find
  • Buying someone random a coffee
  • Volunteering with a new organization
  • Take a dance class (when my foot is ready)
  • Breaking out in dance at random or inappropriate times
  • Paint a picture and mail it to a friend
  • Texting or emailing my sister-in-laws more often (ok, this isn’t really random, but important nonetheless)


2 Responses to “Oakley’s & A To-Do List”

  1. Fitness and Healthy Living Tips April 25, 2012 at 6:03 pm #

    Love those Oakleys!! So fashionable. have you found them yet and do you know the model #?

    • kchamp5 April 25, 2012 at 6:08 pm #

      I do too! I was just going to order them online or check for them at REI or Nordstrom. They are the “Overtime” model (link to Oakley website in picture). Thanks for reading!

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