I Love You, Pinterest…and Old People

26 Apr

I have many loves in my life and one of them is Pinterest.

Unlike my love affair with Target, which is abusive to my bank account, my relationship with Pinterest costs me nothing and gloriously fills copious hours of what should be working time.

My current boards include: A collection of paleo recipes, design and art ideas, home decorating ideas (for when I one day don’t live in a closet), CrossFit and fitness inspiration and a group of random things that I love or places that I would like to visit.

I find the recipes part to be the most beneficial. I love finding dishes that other people have made and getting new ides for how to keep my food interesting – like these cucumber cups with spicy crab meat. Amazing.

If you want to check out all of my boards and things I deem important, find me here: http://pinterest.com/kim_champley/

And now on to the old people part.

As some people close to me know, I love old people and especially like it when elderly married couples are still affectionate with each other. (Except for when it’s my parents – sorry mom, but it’s gross)

The best testament to love that I have ever seen was in London, when an elderly couple were walking through the park and he had his hand on her ass. I know, I’m a weird romantic, but after being together that long (making assumptions here) and still wanting to touch each other and being that into the other person is awesome. Relationships are hard, but this couple obviously had the secret to success.

This is one of the greatest things in life.

Also, quick shout out to my favorite barista at the Tully’s in my building. I have yet to learn your name, but you know mine and you shake with excitement and yell out “Kim’s here!” every morning and it really makes my day.

New life rule: shake with excitement and yell friend/parent/bf/sibling’s name every time I see them.


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