Things I Learned This Week

27 Apr

So true. And confusing.

This week has been a marathon – one of those weeks when you are pumped that it is already Thursday, only to realize that it is actually Monday. Like when you can see the finish line, but realize that you have 3 more miles of cut-backs before you get there.

Anyway, through all of the stress at work and lack of sleep, I learned a couple big lessons along the way. Here is a recap:

  1. Don’t assume you have somebody figured out, because you probably don’t. On the same note, don’t assume you know how somebody thinks either, because you also probably don’t. Basically, don’t assume things.
  2. Castor oil is excellent at fading scars
  3. Old friends are the best
  4. If you want something, but it seems out of reach, go for it anyway. Sometimes you will surprise yourself with the results
  5. Don’t get dressed while distracted. You may not realize you are wearing running shoes, a purple dress, tights and a weird polka dot shirt until you get to work

And now for a book review: “I’ve Got Your Number” by Sophie Kinsella.

As always, Sophie delivers a wonderfully written book. Her writing style is one of my favorites, as it is conversational, with real-to-life stories and well-developed, relatable characters.

The one flaw of the book: it will make you paranoid. While not giving away the story, infidelity is a major part of the book and you watch as a seemingly great relationship falls apart. First you see all the great aspects and hear how in love they are, then it back tracks and exposes lies, cover-ups and scandal.

I know these types of things do happen in real life, but it may not be healthy to think that deeply about and begin to question the fidelity and strength of your own relationship. If you can’t have trust, you can’t have love.

However, it does end well and sends the message that sometimes you’ve got to put yourself first and make what you want a priority. A good life lesson and a good read if you aren’t currently in a relationship.


2 Responses to “Things I Learned This Week”

  1. Sarah April 28, 2012 at 12:00 am #

    You totally gave away the entire plot of the book. I can’t even bring myself to read even one page of it. Ruined.

    • kchamp5 April 30, 2012 at 4:02 pm #

      Hey Sarah – While it may appear that, there is so much more to the book, However, yes, I did give a way a big part, but I feel justified because readers need a fair warning.

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