Lululemon: Death To My Bank Account

1 May

A girl can only be so disciplined – watching what she eats, trying to sleep 8 hrs a night, not allowing herself to “pin” all day at work, etc. And then there are her vices.

One of mine is Lululemon.

I’m not what you’d call a yogi and a physical therapist once referred to my flexibility as that of a “fit 70-year-old woman:, whatever that means. But, as it says in my blog title, I love the lycra and can’t get enough of yoga gear.

I made the mistake a couple months back to follow Lulu on Facebook, not knowing that I would then receive updates on new merchandise, sales, events and other things that “you can’t live without”. Turns out their advertising is effective.

Their latest stab to my bank account: a line of swim wear and dresses.

However, I plan on restraining myself from the swimsuits and picking up a pair of these running crops for the summer to wear with a tunic.

Happy May Day!


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