For the Love of Prunes

3 May

Sometimes I worry that I am pre-maturely aging. I prefer to wear my pants above my natural waist, love Golden Girls, enjoy long walks, think Werthers are the best and now I love prunes, too.

I guess I’m not totally concerned, as I also have a sick love affair with 16 And Pregnant and still shop at Forever 21 (which I have no intention of cutting off anytime soon).

However, I think prunes are one of my new favorites.

I prefer to eat them as a workout recovery snack, since they are higher on the GI, but are also packed with fiber (1 gram per prune!) so I feel like you get more bang for your buck. I’ve never cooked with prunes before, but found this chicken stuffed with brie and prunes recipe and think I may just need to give it a try:

In other news, the st. George Ironman is now just 2 days away! I have been giddy all morning about flying down there tonight and can’t wait for the warm weather and to see the bf.



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