Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica

1 Aug

Guess who’s back? Back again. Tell your friend…oh Slim Shady, such a golden oldie.

So my last blog post was on May 3rd – nearly 3 months ago – pretty sure that counts as cyber death in the blogging world. Things have been super busy, to say the least, and to all my loyal readers (ie my mom and Sarah), my apologies for the absence.

I have spent the last few months going on various trips, getting back into a workout routine and on boarding a new client at work – which is the main reason I haven’t been able to squeeze in my usual morning post.

What I realized during this time – both work and life related – has been very enlightening and prompted me to start this ole thing up again.

Here are a few:

  • Advertising is interesting and makes for a great career path, just not for this girl
  • Writing makes me happy and I miss it when it’s not part of my life
  • I miss Nike Frees
  • I discovered barley and Greek yogurt. Amazing. Modified Paleo may be the way to go
  • Scott (the bf) is awesome and long distance relationships really can work (and be awesome, too)
  • Balance, patience, flexibility and perspective are all too under represented in my life

Totally random list and at this point, I honestly can’t even remember where I was going with all this…

Basically, it leads me to anther list (I love lists). This one is a goals list and putting it in writing for the whole world myself and my mom to see helps keep me accountable.

Goals/Bucket List:

  • Blog regularly and try to make it interesting so people want to read it
  • Start taking on a few freelance writing jobs
  • Attain group fitness certification (maybe personal training cert, too)
  • Complete a course in nutrition
  • Run a 10k in 40 minutes
  • Health/nutrition book for children
  • Work for myself

Partial thanks for this clear thinking is to Susan Carter- a financial advisor that I highly recommend. I hired her to help with investing and to learn more about preparing for retirement (I get way too ahead of myself sometimes), but what she asked was for a snapshot of my life – what I want, where I see myself and if money weren’t an issue, what I’d do with it. Thinking that clearly really brings the important things to the surface. She may be in the wrong field.

Anyway, here is recipe that I want to try – beet chips.

Beets have always scared me, especially after the first time I had them and thought I was dying. (hint, they turn your pee red if you are iron deficient – tmi?)

Here is a link to the recipe.


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