The Challenge of Staying in the Moment

8 Aug

One of my biggest struggles is not getting too far ahead of myself. I am a huge planner and sometimes get too caught up in what is coming, that I forget to focus on the present.

This isn’t only reflected in my personal life, but very much so in my fitness as well.

For example, I really want to get back into a running routine again. I started up two weeks ago and got so excited on the first run that I over did it – pushing my speed and mileage too hard. I had an overall goal of what I wanted, but forgot to focus on the steps to getting there.

Walk before you run, literally.

My solution: try the Couch to 5k plan.

The plan involves just 3 walk-run workouts per week that slowly increase the running intervals each week. It’s a good plan to give you an overall goal, while pacing yourself along the way. Fingers crossed that I stick with it!

The “relax” days will be subbed out with biking and swimming and I will continue to keep up the hip, leg and coreĀ strengthening to help stabilize the knee.

Also, last night was day 2 of sleeping in compression socks and so far, I love them! I have also been elevating my legs once a day for 10-15 minutes, so it’s hard to say if it’s the compression socks or not, but I do feel slightly better and my foot is feeling less wonky.


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