Kettlebells & Egg Wraps

9 Aug

Last night marked the first time I made it through the night wearing my compression socks! (I know what you are thinking – damn this girl is exciting!) I could definitely feel the difference this morning in the gym and am very pleased that my $60+ wasn’t a total waste.

My workout today was kinda all over the place, as my attention span was seriously lacking:

  • 2 minutes on the elliptical (I can’t stand this machine – wanted a 10 min warm-up, but couldn’t even make it that long)
  • 20 minutes on the bike @ a moderate-fast pace
  • 10 minutes on the rower, keeping my pull under 2:15 and finished a little over 2k meters
  • Kettlebells! 3 sets of 20 reps of swings and sumo dead lift high pulls
  • 10 minutes of core strength and push ups
  • 10 minutes stretching and foam rolling

Love me some kettlebells! Why have these not been in my life lately?

My breakfast this morning was also awesome.

Whole wheat wrap with 3 egg whites, spinach, laughing cow light cheese wedge an apple and Frank’s buffalo hot sauce. Whole thing is right around 325 calories. So good.

Along with finishing up a client report today, research is on my agenda. The topic: hair loss. I know I should probably change the name of this blog to “TMI about Kim”….Problem is that my nails are super healthy, but my hair seems to be all over my apartment and I lose a lot of it in the shower, brushing it and blow drying it. Sups odd, sups annoying.

And I will leave you with one of my favorite pictures of the week – Will & Kate at the Olympics. Love them.


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