The Travel Bug

10 Aug

I woke up this morning and put sprinkles in my apple sauce. It was awesome. I almost put them in my coffee too, but resisted. Maybe tomorrow.

Today was an LSD day. That’s ‘long slow distance’ for all you judgers out there! On these days I like to hit the pool for 45-60 minutes and just swim laps for fun. Sometimes (ok, almost all the time) I can be very competitive, and I find it a healthy balance to add in these fun, no goals workouts.

Every morning when I get to work I follow the same routine – load my computer, eat my breakfast, drink coffee #2 or 3, check my personal email and skim over my calendar. Lately, my up-coming events have got me pretty excited and have re-sparked my passion for travel (not that it really went out).

In the next few months I have trips planned to Arizona, Rialto Beach, Zion National Park (or Florida if there is too much snow) and Hawaii.

I feel extremely blessed to have the means and the opportunity to travel and am extremely thankful for my boss’ flexibility and his lack of desire to fire me. Winning!

With all that travel on the mind, I wanted to put together a wish list of places that I want to go to next, so here they are:


One of the most beautiful countries and I found a sweet bike tour package that sounds awesome.

Bora Bora

So romantic. I can think of the perfect guy to go with. 🙂


Pretty much anywhere here. I really want to see the Northern lights.

Paris & Rome

Intrigued by the art and architecture and have always wanted an excuse to wear a beret.

Kenya, Africa

I have always wanted to go on a safari in Africa – doesn’t everyone?

Glacier National Park, Montana

My brother worked and lived here for a summer and had some of the most amazing pictures.


Who doesn’t love a Scottish accent? I’ve heard Edinburg is awesome.


Such a beautiful country – I have visions of myself running through the hillsides with my arms out, spinning…


This one is new to the list, but after I saw pictures of their beaches, I was sold.

I could probably continue this list all day, so for now, those are my top destinations. Next steps: save money.

Have a great weekend!


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