Tips for Boosting Metabolism

15 Aug

If you are like me, you can look at a cupcake and bloat. You may also have a metabolism that is as fast as molasses. Both are awesome qualities…

Anywho, there are ways to speed it up and in the process, increase your energy levels. This is also very helpful if you have any issues with your thyroid, which I have the pleasure of, and is way better than any medications you can take.

Here are some of the best recommendations that I have heard for speeding up the ole metabolism:

  1. Eat breakfast and eat within the first 60-90 minutes of waking up.
  2. Eat 25% of your calories in the morning
  3. Don’t drop under 1,000 calories/day. This puts you in starvation mode = bad
  4. Eat small, frequent meals to keep your blood sugars level
  5. Move! Walk, run, jog, yog, whatever – just make your heart work!
  6. Weight train. Muscle burns more calories than fat.
  7. Drink water!
  8. Get enough vitamin B (clams, mussels, fish, beef, cheese, eggs)
  9. Green Tea
  10. Yoga – helps focus energy within the body, loosens muscles and is awesome

I have also heard of a few supplements that help fight fatigue and stimulate your metabolism, but haven’t looked into them too much. These include CoQ10, L-Carnitine and NADH. I tend to avoid things like this, as they don’t sound natural to me and i would be cautious using them without a doctor recommendation.

The simplest advice to boosting your metabolism and ditching fatigue is to eat real, natural foods, sleep at least 7-8 hours per night and remove all stress from your life. So easy, right?

I found this link for free 20 minute yoga videos. I think I will like this much better than my Jillian Michael’s video (no offense, Jillian, but you stress me out).



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