Hurts So Good

17 Aug

Dear foam roller, I love you. It hurts like crazy, but after actually using it on a daily basis this week, I have had less knee pain and overall, less tightness in my muscles. I need to slowly increase my time to 5 minutes on each side after my workouts, as I read this is the best way to maximize its effectiveness.

If you don’t have a foam roller, you need to buy one. Not convinced? Here are a couple articles on why they are so helpful for runners and athletes: here, here and here.

In other news, my workout this morning was a great success. I did a 45 minute mix of slow and fast laps in the pool and can now successfully swim 200 meters non-stop, without choking on water, hitting another swimmer and nearly drowning. For me, this is a BIG deal.

In other news, my grandma is in town for a few weeks and I got to have dinner with her last night. She is such an amazing woman who, at 93-years-old, still walks to get her groceries, lives alone, is on a swim team and loves to travel. I love hearing stories of her trips and she gives the best life advice. Really excited to spend more time with her in the next couple of weeks.

My grandma at her 90th surprise party. Coolest Welsh woman ever.

Also, I am particularly giddy today because this weekend I am heading to my cabin with a bunch of friends for a girls weekend. We will most likely lay out by the lake, drink our meals, wakeboard and gossip – good times! (In)appropriate pictures to come.

Have a great weekend!


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