Doctor’s Approval to Run!

21 Aug

My morning started out with some excellent news. (It actually started out with the discovery that my fake tramp stamp from the weekend was still very much present and visible in my swimsuit at my morning swim. I am so classy.)

I went in for a second opinion for my left foot pain, since my initial injury was back in February and I still wasn’t feeling 100%. My doctor today was much younger and was a runner herself, so I felt like we were on the same page. She ordered an x-ray (why hadn’t the first doc done this?) and after finishing an exam said that my foot felt fine and that she didn’t feel or see any current or previous bone damage. mmmmkay?

This was frustrating and exciting because the previous doc had told me it was a fracture and put me in a boot for 3 months. Doc #2 said she did see some soft tissue damage and that because I have a bunion on the outside of my big tone bone, that this naturally put pressure on my other metatarsal bones. This will cause a bit of bone pain with overuse of my foot, but nothing to be alarmed about and apparently, quite common.

Her advice? A bit of PT and deep tissue work. She thinks everything is a little tight and needs some time to loosen up. I was told 4 sessions should do the trick and after that to keep up the tissue massage and cross-train. The most glorious news was to start running again! This actually flexes the foot less than walking, so as long as I pick it back up slowly, I should be a-okay!

I will be back in this glorious wind suit in no time at all! Get ready for the swoosh!

An old CrossFit coach once told me that a mature athlete knows their limits, is in touch with their body and knows when to call it a day. I never really took this to heart previously and would say “I know” as I continued to limp through my sprints…

This advice means much more now and for me, this is not running consecutive days, mixing in swimming and cycling, improving mobility through yoga and foam rolling and taking rest days when needed. So excited to get back at it and find my perfect balance!

And now, a food review – Sandwich thins!

My awesome friend Tracy introduced me to these this weekend and while I was hesitant at first, I loved them. They are only 100 cals per pair and aren’t too much of a wheat overload that my stomach is affected – double win!

I had one for lunch yesterday with 1 wedge Laughing Cow light cheese, 3 oz pulled BBQ chicken and a side of carrots and cherry tomatoes. The whole lunch was just under 300 cals and extremely filling. I think I may have found a doable way to add wheat to my diet without overdoing it and feeling the side effects later. Great success!


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