Spastic Eye and Dehydration

4 Sep

It is now day 4 of the never-ending eye twitch. My right eyelid is seriously freaking out and it’s starting to get annoying.

At first I thought it was funny and kind of cool, now I am drinking water like my life depends on it and hoping that it will stop. I read that eye twitching is totally common and can be a factor of several things, like stress, lack of sleep and dehydration – check marks in all 3 boxes. This site lists a few more reasons and has an excellent example of what my crazy eye is doing.

My to-do list for the week now includes staying hydrated, sleeping more and being more efficient at work (as I sit here and write a blog at work….).

This weekend was AMAZING. Why? Five reasons: Scott was in town, I ran for 30 minutes (mostly pain-free), took a surprise scenic flight over Seattle, went to Emerald Downs and got a mini tan.

My grandma heads back home tomorrow, so I invited the whole family over to my place tonight for dinner. This should be very interesting, as my studio is a little under 350 sq feet and there will be 7 of us – bring on the chaos!

Today’s workout: moderate paced 40 minute swim. My glutes are strangely still sore from my WOD on Friday, so I decided to take it easy this morning. Tomorrow is a high-intensity stationary bike and lower body circuit and I’m looking forward to being a sweaty hot mess.

Also, going to add this jump rope and body circuit into this mix this week. Looks really fun and similar to the one I did last weekend, but I got this from pbfingers.

Happy short work week!


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