Lower Body Circuit

5 Sep

Happy Wednesday! Can’t believe it is already mid-week – I could really get used to these 4 day work weeks!

Despite my best efforts this morning, it still took me way too long to get out the door and my gym time was cut short (again). I am waking up around 5:50a and it takes me about 30 minutes to get out the door. I am thinking that I can for sure cut this down and be able to leave within 15 minutes of waking up, which I will try for tomorrow and, just in case, try waking up a little earlier as well.

Today’s workout: 30 minutes on the stationary bike and a medium-fast paced cadence and then the following lower body circuit.

Lower body circuit: 50 reps each, repeat 2x

  • squats (banded)
  • lunges (front then back = 1, switch front leg after 25 reps)
  • bridges (banded)
  • supermans (banded)
  • sit-ups
  • bird dogs
  • clamshell w/ leg extension (banded)
  • side leg lifts (banded)
  • Russian twists

Due to lack of time, I was only able to get through 1 round this morning, which took 20 minutes. I really like this circuit and think I am going to tweak it a little to include more hip work. Hurts so good!

Today I am working from the Bellevue Microsoft campus and am so thankful that I brought my lunch, as today is mac n’ cheese and baked potato bar day at their cafeteria. This is extremely exciting for the male members of my team, but for me that sounds like a giant gut-bomb that I’d rather not deal with. My lunch today is a lovely mixture of barley, baked chicken, zucchini sauce, spinach and cherry tomatoes with a side a carrot chips. Mmmmm.

I meant to put up some pictures from this weekend, but failed to get them loaded to my camera last night due to the family dinner. Hoping to have these loaded tonight – fingers crossed!

In other news, here is my list of gratefulness for the week:

  • My boss agreed to letting me work remotely from AZ when needed to spend more time with Scott!
  • My foot is nearly pain-free and I am wearing normal shoes again
  • Family and getting to spend time with my nieces and nephews
  • 42 days without rain in Seattle
  • Girl’s weekend trip in 3 weeks!
  • My new dress from Target

Happy Wednesday!


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