Jump Roping and New Clothes

10 Sep

I can’t believe it’s already Monday – this weekend just flew by!

I started off my day with the following jump rope circuit:

Do 50 reps of each exercise below, with 1 minute of jump roping between each exercise:

  • clamshell leg extensions (banded)
  • jump squats (banded)
  • side leg lifts (banded)
  • sit-ups
  • bridges (banded)
  • lunges
  • bicep curls
  • donkey kicks
  • russian twists
  • air squats (banded)
  • supermans

The whole thing took about 35 minutes and did a good job at getting my blood moving and waking me up. Tonight I plan on attending yoga and hoping that it loosens up my sore right shoulder.

In other news, this weekend was super productive. On Saturday I ended up sleeping in until after 11, which is really unusual for me, but felt fantastic. I went for a nice run outside (it was actually hot here!) and then met my friend to watch the UW huskies get destroyed by LSU. I took the rest of the night easy in anticipation of an all day rescue training course with the Red Cross. Sadly, the instructor never showed up, so I will need to reschedule. Instead, I spent the day shopping with the $125 check I received from my insurance company (just for filling out a health questionnaire!).

Here’s what I got:

H&M: Purple skinny pants and black & white sleeveless top

Forever21 (I know, shameful): orange blouse, denim jacket, gold ring, white t-shirt

Macy’s: cream sweater

DSW: 2 pairs of Aerosoles loafers – one black and one brown, both paten leather

I was in pretty desperate need of some new clothes and thinking that my coworkers would probably like to see me in something new – really thankful for that random bonus check!

I’ll be working remotely from Arizona in 2 days and I can hardly wait! Hoping today and tomorrow fly by.

Have a great week!



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