Interval Run, Salsa and September To-Do List

11 Sep

Good morning! I am extra peppy this Tuesday morning and really looking forward to being in Arizona tomorrow.

My day started off with a bang, literally, as I woke myself up at 4am by slamming my head into the wall. This has never happened before and I usually am not even over on that side of the bed. Needless to say, that really woke me up. I then proceeded to pour my coffee into the sink, rather than in my mug and then tried to leave the house for my run without my shoes on. Maybe I hit my head harder than I thought….

My workout today: 4:1 run/walk intervals x 10 for a total of 40 minutes running. This is a bit more than a 10% increase from last week, but it felt good and having the 1 minute walk in there really lessens the stress on my foot and knee. I finished with a 20 minute walk and some foam rolling.

Once I got home, I used non-fat chocolate milk as my recovery fuel, where I lost the straw in the box and went savage on it with a knife and finish it in a glass. Oh, which I then proceeded to spill on my iPad. What is up this morning?

However, the best part so far has been my breakfast which mostly consisted of salsa. Man, I love salsa. It’s weird, I am not the biggest fan of tomatoes, but am a salsa addict. Doesn’t make sense. Along with my salsa I had 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites, spinach, 1/2 an avocado and an apple. And don’t forget coffee #3.

In other news, you have to read this story from The Bloggess. I read it yesterday and haven’t stopped laughing – it’s totally something I would do to my future husband.

Today is September 11th, btw, and brings back memories of watching the horrible sight of that plane flying into the twin tower in the kitchen with my mom. A very scary day for the U.S., with a lot of lives lost and it makes me very thankful for those who serve this country. A big thanks to my brother-n-law, my boyfriend and all others serving in the military.

On to a more positive note, here is my to-do list/wish list for September:

  • ride horses on the beach in Cannon Beach
  • run a 5k with no walk intervals
  • win my client over with my fiscal year wrap-up report
  • add more healthy fats into diet (nuts, olive oils, fish oils), cut back on sugar
  • incorporate 15 minutes of stretching nightly
  • spend more time with friends

Happy Tuesday!


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