Dirty 30s and Fall Fashion Wish List

13 Sep

I’m working remotely from Sierra Vista for the next two days and am reminded how much I love “working from home”. My day started pretty early, as Scott gets up early for PT and I couldn’t really go back to sleep, so I made myself some instant coffee and breakfast.

Today, breakfast consisted of 2 eggs, an apple, 1 piece of toast and a little strawberry jelly with instant coffee – not my typical breakfast. Pretty sure starting your day off with that much sugar is not a good idea.

Hoping to get some kind of run in today and thinking I should get out there before it gets too hot. Since I am a little sore, I will cap it at 30 minutes with a 4:1 run/walk ratio and a 20-30 minute walk. Also, need to do some work stretching out the IT band and the ACL, along with throwing in a hip, leg, core and arm circuit.

“Dirty 30 Circuit” – repeat 3x

  • 30 air squats
  • 30 push-ups
  • 30 sit-ups
  • 30 burpees
  • 30 lunge split jumps

Then, just for funsies, I want to add in some hip and glute work. Three rounds of 25 reps each of: clamshell leg extensions, side leg lifts, donkey kicks, superman, bridges and calf lift. My old foam roller is here, so I’ll give that a little workout too and make sure to really stretch out, since my left knee has been pinching a little lately.

Last night in between my flights I picked up an US magazine (I know, guilty pleasure) and developed a crush on a few new items for fall. So here is what I am pining for this fall:

  • Nollie long-sleeve print dolman cardigan with pockets, pacsun.com, $26.50
  • Tory Burch ‘Jaden’ canvas tote, Nordstrom, $225

I also need to find a good pair of brown and black boots. I love the brown wedge boots that they sometimes sell at Target, by Merona I think, but they seem to sell out extremely fast.

Ok, now to get ready for my run and get some work done. Happy Thursday!


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