ChronoNutrition and Bug Bites

14 Sep

Day 2 in Sierra Vista and still loving this whole working remotely thing. It does get a bit lonely during the day, but I have yet to shower or get dressed today and it feels great!

Yesterday, after an awesome 60 minute run, I decided to lay out by the pool and do some work while tanning my super pale skin. Within 2 minutes of being out there, I already had two bug bites on my elbow and one on my leg. Then my behind starting itchy, but I figured it wasn’t lady-like to do anything about it and just fidgeted instead. Well, turns out some bug did a full-on attack to my back side and I had about 8 huge bug bites all over my butt. Thank the Lord for hydrocortisone!

I didn’t get to the “Dirt 30” workout yesterday and am hoping to find the motivation today. My knee is pinching pretty bad, so I am going to take it easy and fit in a walk to Target for my cardio – may even go to WalMart, bet there will be some awesome people watching there!

During my stretching yesterday, I watched an episode of 20/20 in which the topic was dieting and they interviewed a nutritionist in Italy about his ChronoNutrition diet. At first I figured it was another crazy fad diet, but after seeing the layout and reasoning behind it, I am sold enough to give it a test run. Here are the basics:

  • Never skip breakfast
  • Eat breakfast @ 9am – no fruit, but starches like bread and potatoes, bacon, cheese and protein are ok. (It says no eggs, but I am going to neglect that part)
  • 10:30am snack – fruit
  • Lunch is the biggest meal @ 1pm – incorporate your grains here, along with veggies and lean protein
  • 4pm snack – dark chocolate, fruit and nuts (love this!)
  • Dinner is the lightest meal of the day @ 6pm – lean protein, like fish or chicken and veggies
  • Also, 2 glasses of red wine per day are encouraged

To read more about the diet, go here or here.

Starting Monday, I want to give this a week-long test run and see how my energy levels are. This will be my average meal plan:

  • Breakfast – scrambled egg whites w/ frozen stir-fry veggies, 1/2 avocado & greek yogurt
  • 10:30am Snack – apple
  • Lunch – 1/2 cup barley, grilled chicken breast, spinach salad w/ EVVO
  • 4pm snack – 1 chocolate raspberry Figamaroo and 1/4 cup mixed nuts
  • Dinner – Fish, turkey or chicken and a huge salad w/ EVVO

The plan didn’t discuss pre and post workout snacks, but I think those are really important for proper fueling and recovery. I am going to test out a few things for my pre-workout morning snack, since I like to get my workout in by 6am. Thinking I will stick with coffee and maybe string cheese or a banana.

Ok, I’m off to get dressed and change up work locations and enjoy some sunshine. Happy Friday!


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