Lazy Monday

17 Sep

I got back into Seattle last night a little after 11pm and once I was home, decided it was an excellent idea to unpack, clean my apartment and read a few chapters in my book. This put my bedtime somewhere around 1am. Not the brightest idea.

I slept in this morning, neglecting my usual morning workout and since I had no food at my place, I ate a bagel when I got to work. Gross. If I didn’t feel groggy earlier, I sure do now. Not to worry, jumping back on the bandwagon at lunch with my tuna, barley and veggie dish.

Today’s workout: hip & leg strengthening and a yoga-lates class. Really looking forward to an hour of stretching!

The last four days were nothing but amazing. I got to work remotely from Arizona, spend time in the sunshine, run when I wanted to and spend time with Scott. Needless to say, I was pretty bummed to leave and am already looking forward to seeing him again in October for our trip to Cannon Beach!

In order to get my shiz back in order, here is this week’s to-do list:

  1. Increase to 5:1 running intervals for 45 minutes (so excited!)
  2. Grocery shopping – loosely incorporate ChronoNutrition plan
  3. Finish my photo project
  4. Create my “awe wall” (an awesome idea I saw to create a poster of all the things that inspire me, goals, travel destinations, etc)
  5. Massive amounts of laundry

Happy Monday!


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