Paragliding & Stretching

19 Sep

My reservations for paragliding were confirmed! I am so freaking excited!

In two weeks the bf and I will be flyin’ above the Oregon coastline to celebrate his birthday and our 1 year anniversary. I meant to keep this a surprise, but I couldn’t hold in the excitement and blurted it out last night. Whoopsies.

Check out this video that they sent me and you’ll see why I couldn’t contain myself:

The company is called Discover Paragliding and they gave me an excellent deal for the two of us.

In other, less exciting news, my left outer hip is killing me. Not sure why, but guessing it is from increasing my running distance and time and not properly stretching. I decided not to run on it today and instead went for a 60 minute walk instead, followed by a 20 minute stretching session and an arm circuit. It’s feeling a bit looser now and I promised myself I’d do a better job at stretching daily.

Here are some important stretches for runners that I plan on incorporating into my every day schedule:

  • hamstring stretch
  • quad stretch
  • piriformis stretches
  • calf stretch
  • IT band stretch

I’d also include some foam rolling and yoga – considering buying a 30 minute yoga DVD. Articles for stretching here and here.

Also, it’s been 2 days now incorporating bread into my diet and I have noticed that I am much hungrier in the evening than I used to be. I noticed that I stayed fuller in the morning, but as the day wore on, I felt my sugar levels dropping and kept getting hungrier. I’m going to try to incorporate a protein smoothie for my afternoon snack and see if that helps and if I see no improvement, this girl is goin’ straight back to cavewoman.

I got to hang with this kid last night and again tonight and am looking forward to round two of our Nerf gun war!

Hanging with kids is the best, it reminds you to laugh and enjoy the little things. This guy went bananas for his new Spiderman costume and thought being shot in the face with a foam rocket was the best thing ever.

Happy Wednesday!


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