Weekend Recap

24 Sep

I can’t believe it’s already Monday! This weekend was a blast – so much so that I’m thinking I should have used today as a rest day from work…

One of the highlights of the weekend in Seabrook was getting all the girls up on Saturday morning for a run! I had mentioned an am run Friday night, thinking I’d definitely getting booed, but to my surprise everyone was on board! We ended up running 5 miles and incorporated a lot of hills – it was awesome! Forgot how much I love running with others. Also, my friend Emily and I decided to attempt a 1/2 marathon in under 1:45 – so excited to start training in a couple months!

A few other highlights of the weekend: singing karaoke at a dive bar, playing on the beach, waking up and drinking coffee together while chatting outside, day drinking at a cute little pub and cooking together. And as always, laughing until it hurts. Girls trips are always so refreshing.

Our new friend, “Hillbilly” at the Seagate outside of Moclips, WA. Best shirt ever.

Workout for today: Arms & glutes circuit + jump roping. I barely remember doing this – so tired this morning. 60 minute yoga-lates class tonight and a short bike ride before if I can squeeze it in.

One downfall of the weekend that I didn’t mention – terrible, no good food choices. I think my sodium levels are currently through he roof and I’m not sure if I ate a single vegetable over the last 2 days. It’s always fun to cheat on eating healthy and live in the moment not caring about the calories, but you definitely have to pay for it later.

Here is my get-back-to-it plan:

  • kale and spinach morning smoothies
  • TONS of water
  • fish and veggie dinners
  • 7-8 hrs of sleep each night
  • veggie dominant meals
  • no dairy, breads, sugar or salt

Also, I finished off my loaf of bread this weekend and have decided that I’m better off without it. I have a general feeling of blah and am not feeling as “tight” as I typically do.

Looking forward to getting this cavewoman back in the cave and feeling good!

Happy Monday!


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