Cleanse Weekend Recap

1 Oct

This weekend was A-mazing. Relaxing, reviving and very productive. My cleanse went really well and I am feeling like a million bucks today. Winning!

With the exception of Sunday night (I had some deli ham), I ate no meat this weekend. Just tons of veggies, fruit, protein powder shakes and beans. I included some liver and kidney detox tea that I found, which was surprisingly delicious, and took it nice and easy.

Here is a snapshot of my cleanse items:

I also finished my book on overeating which I found really insightful on how the meat industry prepares food for restaurants (hint: it’s disgusting) and got some good tips on portion control and how to slay the evil sugar dragon.

Also had a nice trip to REI, Michael’s, Target and Marshalls, took two baths, cleaned my apartment, did a mani/pedi, took a nap (first time in months!) and taught my first day of Sunday school.

The lesson for Sunday was on respect and the best comment all day was from Aaron, my favorite out-of-control 6-yr-old. I asked him to think of a time he didn’t show respect, his response: “I guess when I slapped this 17-yr-old girl on the ass”. How do you not laugh at that? Kids are priceless, and crude – where do they learn these things?

Today’s workout: Hips, Arms & Arms w/ jump rope circuit

3 rounds, 25 reps each – 1 minute jump roping between each exercise

  • clamshell leg extensions (banded – 25 reps on each side = 1 round)
  • bridges (banded)
  • lateral leg raises (banded – 25 reps on each side = 1 round)
  • bicep curls
  • should press
  • upright back row
  • tricep extension
  • push-ups
  • sit-ups
  • Russian twists
  • side plank (left – 1 min)
  • side plank (right – 1 min)
  • plank (1 min)
  • bicycle crunches

The whole thing took a little less than an hour and got me nice and glistening! Hoping to get out of the office early enough today to make the 5:30 Zumba class. Haven’t tried it yet and am really in the mood to dance!

The countdown is on – 3 more days until the bf is here and our trip to Cannon Beach!

Happy Monday!


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