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What the Hell, Hormones?

28 Sep

I have a huge bone to pick with my hormones, namely that they are out of control. (Apologies to all my male readers for this post, just gotta get it out)

I am going to blame it mostly on lack of quality sleep. I feel that I’ve been getting in and out of bed at the right times, but the quality of my sleep is kinda shitty. I wake up around 3 or 4 every morning and spend the rest of the time tossing and turning. Guess I could title this post “need a new mattress”, might help retain my readership….

Anyway, the main problem is that I am happy and really pleased with the way things are going currently in my life, but my emotions are still all over the place. This is really confusing me! Like this morning, I almost cried when I noticed that the barista made my drink wrong, or yesterday when I almost cried that I my socks didn’t match and then again when I thought about the cool stuff I am going to buy for my sister’s new baby girl (it’s gunna be a girl!!). First world problems, Kim.

Moving on…this morning’s workout included a very brief 15 minute bike ride (was not feelin it), followed up by what was supposed to be 2 rounds of the Filthy 50s WOD, but ended up only being 1 (wasn’t feel that either. Ok, wasn’t feelin much this morning.).

Filthy 50s WOD – 50 reps of each exercise below. 2 rounds for time.

  • box jumps or step-ups
  • med ball deadlift and clean
  • bicep curls
  • sit ups
  • burpees
  • back extensions or supermans
  • Russian twists
  • calf raises or double unders
  • bicycle crunches
  • side leg lifts
  • clam shell leg extensions

I took a CrossFit version and kinda lamed it out with some dancer exercises. Don’t judge – remember the title of this post? 🙂

Really excited for my chill weekend and getting into my cleanse. Pretty sure this will kick my hormones right back into shape! One the agenda for tonight is a trip to Whole Foods and girls night. Saturday is my yoga, shopping and Face Time movie date with the bf. And Sunday is my first day of teaching 1st grade Sunday school – so excited!

Happy Friday and have a great weekend!


Things I Love and Pumpkin Muffin Fail

26 Sep

I slept in this morning and it felt glorious! I got a full 8 hours of sleep, then woke up, drank coffee on the couch and checked my email – perfect way to start the day.

Today’s workout: This will include a 6:1 run/walk for an hour, followed by yoga with my favorite yogi, RoseAnne.

I bought two cans of pumpkin puree Monday night and decided that I wanted to make paleo pumpkin muffins. I mixed together a can of pumpkin, 3/4 cup apple sauce, cinnamon and ginger powder, 2 eggs and 1 1/2 cups almond milk. It looked really soupy to me, but I cooked them anyway. That was when I realized that I forgot to add flour….Whoopsies!

They don’t taste too bad, but are more look a formed, semi-cooked mound of pumpkin mush than actual muffins. Ya win some, ya lose some.

Now on to some things that I am currently loving:

  • My Forever 21 denim jacket – I have no idea why, but I feel so all American!
  • Trips with girl friends

  • Yams – had one for breakfast w/ avocado – amazing!
  • Traveling to Arizona to hang with the bf

  • Yoga @ 24 Hour Fitness – shout out to RoseAnne!
  • Crackle – Awesome new App with free movies – met with our Sony reps yesterday and this App is going to be awesome in the next few years
  • My family (pic with my nephew, Westin)

Time to get some work done and get the football tailgating party kicked off at work!

Happy Wednesday!

Weekend Recap

24 Sep

I can’t believe it’s already Monday! This weekend was a blast – so much so that I’m thinking I should have used today as a rest day from work…

One of the highlights of the weekend in Seabrook was getting all the girls up on Saturday morning for a run! I had mentioned an am run Friday night, thinking I’d definitely getting booed, but to my surprise everyone was on board! We ended up running 5 miles and incorporated a lot of hills – it was awesome! Forgot how much I love running with others. Also, my friend Emily and I decided to attempt a 1/2 marathon in under 1:45 – so excited to start training in a couple months!

A few other highlights of the weekend: singing karaoke at a dive bar, playing on the beach, waking up and drinking coffee together while chatting outside, day drinking at a cute little pub and cooking together. And as always, laughing until it hurts. Girls trips are always so refreshing.

Our new friend, “Hillbilly” at the Seagate outside of Moclips, WA. Best shirt ever.

Workout for today: Arms & glutes circuit + jump roping. I barely remember doing this – so tired this morning. 60 minute yoga-lates class tonight and a short bike ride before if I can squeeze it in.

One downfall of the weekend that I didn’t mention – terrible, no good food choices. I think my sodium levels are currently through he roof and I’m not sure if I ate a single vegetable over the last 2 days. It’s always fun to cheat on eating healthy and live in the moment not caring about the calories, but you definitely have to pay for it later.

Here is my get-back-to-it plan:

  • kale and spinach morning smoothies
  • TONS of water
  • fish and veggie dinners
  • 7-8 hrs of sleep each night
  • veggie dominant meals
  • no dairy, breads, sugar or salt

Also, I finished off my loaf of bread this weekend and have decided that I’m better off without it. I have a general feeling of blah and am not feeling as “tight” as I typically do.

Looking forward to getting this cavewoman back in the cave and feeling good!

Happy Monday!

Rest Day, Boots and Angel Food Cake

20 Sep

I am making my first ever angel food cake tonight! Pretty sure that this is a fairly easy cake to make and after adding some berries and surprise b-day decorations, I’m fairly sure it’s going to be amazing.

Kinda hope mine turns out to be just as big of a hot mess as this one! (Sarah, if you’re reading, I hope you are getting excited!)

In other news, today will most likely be a rest day. Why? Because this girl is wiped. For whatever reason, I have been staying up past 11pm and midnight this week and still waking up at 5:30. I let myself sleep in this morning and have a pretty long to-do list tonight to prep for the weekend. Plus, my foot, knee and hip feel amazing and I want to keep that happy train rollin’!

I finally found my new fall boots! Just ordered these bad boys yesterday:

Dear Target, you are making me go broke. I still love you though. I’m excited to see what these look like in person and am hoping that the dark brown looks good with jeans and won’t clash too much with black pants.

Only one day left until girls weekend in Seabrook! I’m so excited I could puke (symptom of sleep deprivation?) and can’t wait to get on the road tomorrow. I love beaches – hot or cold – and can’t wait to kick back, drink some adult beverages and laugh until my stomach hurts.

Happy Thursday!

Paragliding & Stretching

19 Sep

My reservations for paragliding were confirmed! I am so freaking excited!

In two weeks the bf and I will be flyin’ above the Oregon coastline to celebrate his birthday and our 1 year anniversary. I meant to keep this a surprise, but I couldn’t hold in the excitement and blurted it out last night. Whoopsies.

Check out this video that they sent me and you’ll see why I couldn’t contain myself:

The company is called Discover Paragliding and they gave me an excellent deal for the two of us.

In other, less exciting news, my left outer hip is killing me. Not sure why, but guessing it is from increasing my running distance and time and not properly stretching. I decided not to run on it today and instead went for a 60 minute walk instead, followed by a 20 minute stretching session and an arm circuit. It’s feeling a bit looser now and I promised myself I’d do a better job at stretching daily.

Here are some important stretches for runners that I plan on incorporating into my every day schedule:

  • hamstring stretch
  • quad stretch
  • piriformis stretches
  • calf stretch
  • IT band stretch

I’d also include some foam rolling and yoga – considering buying a 30 minute yoga DVD. Articles for stretching here and here.

Also, it’s been 2 days now incorporating bread into my diet and I have noticed that I am much hungrier in the evening than I used to be. I noticed that I stayed fuller in the morning, but as the day wore on, I felt my sugar levels dropping and kept getting hungrier. I’m going to try to incorporate a protein smoothie for my afternoon snack and see if that helps and if I see no improvement, this girl is goin’ straight back to cavewoman.

I got to hang with this kid last night and again tonight and am looking forward to round two of our Nerf gun war!

Hanging with kids is the best, it reminds you to laugh and enjoy the little things. This guy went bananas for his new Spiderman costume and thought being shot in the face with a foam rocket was the best thing ever.

Happy Wednesday!

LSD Swim Intervals

18 Sep

Good morning! I got about 7 hours of sleep last night and so much more awake and alert than yesterday – back to the real world.

Today’s workout: long slow distance (LSD) swim for 60 mins and 2,000 meters. I broke it up into intervals of 200 meters freestyle and then 100 meters with the kick board. Lately, swimming continuous laps really started to bore me and was making it harder to stay in the water. Intervals mix it up and make the time fly by.

I mixed it up at the grocery store last night and bought some bread, 1/2 the sugar jam, almond butter and string cheese and incorporated them into my meal plan for today. (I know, I really let loose…) I also bought some chick peas, so my meatless days are coming!

For breakfast, I tried Orowheat Lite whole wheat bread, which is just 40 cals per slice. I added 3 boiled egg whites, mustard and 1/4 avocado. So good.

I ate this with an apple and a Cosmic Cranberry Kombucha, all for 350 cals. Perfect breakfast, imho.

Also, if you’ve never tried Kombucha before, you should. It is essentially a vinegar and probiotic drink and I swear by it – it seriously makes me feel more balanced and clean, if that makes sense.

For lunch, I made a turkey burger patty with a spinach, avocado and barley salad. My snack is carrots and string cheese. Hoping the bread and grains don’t make me feel sick, but gives me some needed energy instead.

My sister is flying home this weekend, so I have made it my goal to see her as much as I can this week before she heads out. Planning on doing dinner tonight and playing with her two sons, some of the cutest kids in the world.

Lastly, I checked out Captivating yesterday after reading some good reviews and was told that all women need to read it. Review to come!

Happy tuesday!

Lazy Monday

17 Sep

I got back into Seattle last night a little after 11pm and once I was home, decided it was an excellent idea to unpack, clean my apartment and read a few chapters in my book. This put my bedtime somewhere around 1am. Not the brightest idea.

I slept in this morning, neglecting my usual morning workout and since I had no food at my place, I ate a bagel when I got to work. Gross. If I didn’t feel groggy earlier, I sure do now. Not to worry, jumping back on the bandwagon at lunch with my tuna, barley and veggie dish.

Today’s workout: hip & leg strengthening and a yoga-lates class. Really looking forward to an hour of stretching!

The last four days were nothing but amazing. I got to work remotely from Arizona, spend time in the sunshine, run when I wanted to and spend time with Scott. Needless to say, I was pretty bummed to leave and am already looking forward to seeing him again in October for our trip to Cannon Beach!

In order to get my shiz back in order, here is this week’s to-do list:

  1. Increase to 5:1 running intervals for 45 minutes (so excited!)
  2. Grocery shopping – loosely incorporate ChronoNutrition plan
  3. Finish my photo project
  4. Create my “awe wall” (an awesome idea I saw to create a poster of all the things that inspire me, goals, travel destinations, etc)
  5. Massive amounts of laundry

Happy Monday!

90 RPMs and Baby Food

12 Sep

Last night my sister and Sarah came over and we had a much needed girls night. I gave myself a cheat meal and had some chips and salsa and fish tacos. They were pretty good, but I think next time I’d use my cheat on something better. We ended the night at Target, where we found these awesome Halloween costumes.

How sweet is that hot dog? We didn’t end up buying them, but I’m pretty tempted to go back and call that little number mine.

The other thing I bought – baby food. My sister was buying some for her son and they came in a little squeeze pouch, were 100% organic and were in cool flavors like blueberry pumpkin and broccoli and apple. So…I bought some to try. I figured that would make great pre or post workout fuel and although it is either creepy or genius, I might as well give it a try.

This is what I had this morning after my workout and it wasn’t too bad. Pure sweet potato, 65 calories and all-natural.

Which leads me to today’s workout: 45 minutes on the stationary bike at 90 rpms. Scott gave me some tips of how to set up the bike, how to position my foot, posture and that the most efficient cadence is at 90 reps/min. This seemed like a really fast pace at first, but once I got into the rhythm felt great and made the whole ride so much more enjoyable. Next on the agenda: bike shorts.

I wore my new jean jacket to work today and it is so comfortable! I thought it might be a bit stiff, but I am really loving it. Wore it with my purple Nordy’s dress and Sperry’s and feel oddly trendy today – no old lady shoes for this girl!

Leaving the office around 3:30 today to head out to Tucson and I am so excited! I have been absolutely freezing non-stop lately, so I’m really looking forward to some heat and getting to spend 4 days with the bf!

Happy Wednesday!

Interval Run, Salsa and September To-Do List

11 Sep

Good morning! I am extra peppy this Tuesday morning and really looking forward to being in Arizona tomorrow.

My day started off with a bang, literally, as I woke myself up at 4am by slamming my head into the wall. This has never happened before and I usually am not even over on that side of the bed. Needless to say, that really woke me up. I then proceeded to pour my coffee into the sink, rather than in my mug and then tried to leave the house for my run without my shoes on. Maybe I hit my head harder than I thought….

My workout today: 4:1 run/walk intervals x 10 for a total of 40 minutes running. This is a bit more than a 10% increase from last week, but it felt good and having the 1 minute walk in there really lessens the stress on my foot and knee. I finished with a 20 minute walk and some foam rolling.

Once I got home, I used non-fat chocolate milk as my recovery fuel, where I lost the straw in the box and went savage on it with a knife and finish it in a glass. Oh, which I then proceeded to spill on my iPad. What is up this morning?

However, the best part so far has been my breakfast which mostly consisted of salsa. Man, I love salsa. It’s weird, I am not the biggest fan of tomatoes, but am a salsa addict. Doesn’t make sense. Along with my salsa I had 1 whole egg, 2 egg whites, spinach, 1/2 an avocado and an apple. And don’t forget coffee #3.

In other news, you have to read this story from The Bloggess. I read it yesterday and haven’t stopped laughing – it’s totally something I would do to my future husband.

Today is September 11th, btw, and brings back memories of watching the horrible sight of that plane flying into the twin tower in the kitchen with my mom. A very scary day for the U.S., with a lot of lives lost and it makes me very thankful for those who serve this country. A big thanks to my brother-n-law, my boyfriend and all others serving in the military.

On to a more positive note, here is my to-do list/wish list for September:

  • ride horses on the beach in Cannon Beach
  • run a 5k with no walk intervals
  • win my client over with my fiscal year wrap-up report
  • add more healthy fats into diet (nuts, olive oils, fish oils), cut back on sugar
  • incorporate 15 minutes of stretching nightly
  • spend more time with friends

Happy Tuesday!

5Ks, Muscle Milk and Sleep

6 Sep

Is it just me, or does it seem like 5Ks are getting more and more expensive? I feel like in the past I paid between $15-$20 and got a race chip, bib and some over-sized t-shirt. However, now they are ranging from $40-$60, which just seems crazy.

The bf and I decided to spend our 1 yr anniversary in Cannon Beach (after a paid-for trip to Victoria fell through, thanks to the U.S. government) and found that there is a 5K beach race on the weekend we are there. I’ve only ever run on the beach once, so the idea sounded awesome, but the entry cost is $50, you are racing with kids and there is no beer involved. This to me does not seem worth it. Unless the t-shirt is really cool, then I may consider it…..I am such a sell out for “free” stuff.

Speaking of selling out, while at the store yesterday I caved and bought Muscle Milk.

In the past, I have been known to mock people who drink Muscle Milk and anytime I saw it at the store I would say “MUSCLE MILK!” out loud (in my sexiest body builder voice). Well, I guess now I am one of them.

I even wrote a post on not understanding protein powders and drinks. Seems like curiosity got the best of me. My thoughts are this: it’s only 100 calories, has tons of protein, can be blended with a banana, tastes pretty damn good and is really easy to throw in my gym bag so I can get my recovery fuel within 15 minutes of working out. Am I a sold believer? Not yet. Am I less of a hater? You betcha.

In other news, I tested my theory on waking up early and cutting down my morning routine today in order to get out of the house in 15 minutes of less – and it worked! I woke up at 5:40, started the coffee maker, made my bed, ate some apple sauce with chia seeds and got dressed. I then used the remaining 5 mins to roll-out my quads and IT-bands and headed out the door by 6am. Pat on the back moment.

My workout: Run/Walk intervals for 60 minutes. This includes 2 minutes of running with 1 minute of walking for 15 intervals, bringing me to a 30 minute overall run time. This weekend I am going to increase my running interval to 3 minutes and add another 30 minutes of walking, just to get my body use to covering more distance.

And lastly, some thoughts on sleep.

Sleep is definitely one thing that I need to improve in my life. Nearly every night I wake up at least once and have a hard time falling asleep. My guess is that since I FaceTime with the bf every night before bed, the bright screen tells my eyes to stay awake and the general excitement of talking to him gets me a little giddy.

With that, here are some things I am going to try to improve my sleep:

  • Open more windows for better air flow
  • Stretch for 15 minutes every night before bed
  • Drink tea 1 hr before bed to raise body temperature
  • Eat dinner before 7pm
  • Eat walnuts before bed (melatonin)

We’ll see if any of that helps and I’ll post my follow-up.

Happy Thursday!

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