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Jerky and Lycra Has Moved!

17 Oct

At the beginning of this month, I began the process of moving over to my own domain –! Apparently, it took much more time than anticipated and I wasn’t able to link my readers to the new site.

So, if you were following me and still want to, you can now find me here:

Thanks for following and I hope to see you on the new site!


Friday Thoughts and Girl’s Weekend

21 Sep

Yesterday was supposed to be a rest day, but ended up turning into a 5 mile run – how did that happen? For some reason I had the strong urge to run so I headed out on a 5:1 run/walk and ran for a total of 40 minutes. Felt great. I did get my stretching in too, which felt even better!

I made my first angel food cake last night! I think it turned out pretty well and I bought some red sparkly gel to decorate it with.

I also attempted to make a mousse last night that I saw on Frugal Feeding, but failed miserably and it didn’t set right. So, this morning I added 1.5 cups of rolled oats, some whole wheat flour and a tiny bit of baking soda and cooked it on 350 for 20 mins. It turned out great! It’s a very rich little cake and the whole mixture contains 900 calories, so each slice will be around 90 cals – not too shabby for how good it tastes!

Today’s workout: 35 minute swim circuit. (1 lap freestyle, 1 lap kick board, 1 lap freestlye, 1 lap arms only, repeat). Wasn’t the world’s longest swim, but I wasn’t really feelin’ it and I needed to be int he office a bit earlier today.

Today is finally the day – girl’s weekend starts at 6pm! Have I mentioned how excited I am about this? When my girl friends and I get together we revert back to childhood, except for the drinking, covering ourselves in temporary tats and taking copious amounts of pictures. It’s awesome.

Here are some Friday thoughts:

  1. It’s been 1 week of adding bread into my diet and I don’t like it. I feel bloated and my skin is gross. No more bread.
  2. I need more sleep. 10pm will be my new bedtime.
  3. I haven’t been laughing enough lately – this weekend should fix that
  4. Been taking prenatal vitamins for 1 week now – already notice improvement in hair and yes (winning!)
  5. Day dreaming about hanging out at the beach with the bf is seriously impacting my productivity at work – is it October yet?

Happy Friday!

Tips for Boosting Metabolism

15 Aug

If you are like me, you can look at a cupcake and bloat. You may also have a metabolism that is as fast as molasses. Both are awesome qualities…

Anywho, there are ways to speed it up and in the process, increase your energy levels. This is also very helpful if you have any issues with your thyroid, which I have the pleasure of, and is way better than any medications you can take.

Here are some of the best recommendations that I have heard for speeding up the ole metabolism:

  1. Eat breakfast and eat within the first 60-90 minutes of waking up.
  2. Eat 25% of your calories in the morning
  3. Don’t drop under 1,000 calories/day. This puts you in starvation mode = bad
  4. Eat small, frequent meals to keep your blood sugars level
  5. Move! Walk, run, jog, yog, whatever – just make your heart work!
  6. Weight train. Muscle burns more calories than fat.
  7. Drink water!
  8. Get enough vitamin B (clams, mussels, fish, beef, cheese, eggs)
  9. Green Tea
  10. Yoga – helps focus energy within the body, loosens muscles and is awesome

I have also heard of a few supplements that help fight fatigue and stimulate your metabolism, but haven’t looked into them too much. These include CoQ10, L-Carnitine and NADH. I tend to avoid things like this, as they don’t sound natural to me and i would be cautious using them without a doctor recommendation.

The simplest advice to boosting your metabolism and ditching fatigue is to eat real, natural foods, sleep at least 7-8 hours per night and remove all stress from your life. So easy, right?

I found this link for free 20 minute yoga videos. I think I will like this much better than my Jillian Michael’s video (no offense, Jillian, but you stress me out).


Eye On the Tri

24 Apr

Nearly a week has passed since I ditched the walking boot and things are progressing nicely. I am walking with almost no pain or discomfort and can bike, swim and do yoga again. Great success!

In the midst of my excitement to move normally again, I keep having to remind myself to build back slowly, so as not to put myself right back into the boot.

However, if this does happen, I am so getting myself a rascal and hope to be as happy as this woman:

But for now, my goal is to compete in my first sprint triathlon sometime at the end of this summer. Or whenever I finally get around to buying a bike.

A sprint tri is about a half mile swim, 12.5 mile bike ride and a 5k run. Fairly breezy. I think starting off on the sprint side of things will keep me from over-training and give me plenty of time to ramp-up and build back to my base. Also, if I decide during any part of the race that I am not a triathlon fan, I won’t have hours left to go. Win-win.

This also gives me a fantastic excuse to buy a bike, a pair ok Oakley’s, a new TYR two-piece and a unisuit. Again, winning.

Workout #1 starts tonight with a 33 lap swim, some stretching and a quick session in the sauna (just because I love the heat, not the awkward old men). Hoping to hit the gym about 4-5x per week to start, with some am yoga sessions, lots of stretching and rest whenever needed.

And now for a quick review on Trader Joe’s candied ginger:


It does soothe the stomach, but is pretty intense and the after taste lingers for a long time.

Thanks for Nothing, Linsay Lohan

29 Mar

One of my favorite beverages is Kombucha, especially the Guava Goddess flavor. For some reason I really enjoy the vinegar-y flavor and like the health benefits of the live culture probiotics.

Well, thanks to Linsay hot mess Lohan, certain flavors are now required to have a black seal over the top that says “21 and over only”. Why? Because Ms. Lohan blamed her failed alcohol test on drinking Kombucha last June.

Really, Lindsay?

The brand was then pulled from the shelves for a good 3-4 months and came back with all new packaging, a modified ingredients list and a higher price tag. It also got health experts concerned, stating that kids would get a “buzz” from drinking the tea.

Apparently, each tea – depending on the individual fermentation process – can range between 1-3% alcohol.

Ok, so if Lindsay was chugging down a couple of these before her alcohol test, then I can see how she may in fact fail. However, if you have had one before, you know how hard it is to chug it. Not pleasant. Basically, my complaint with Lindsay using Kombucha as a scapegoat is that I spent the summer of ’11 without my sweet addiction.

The silver lining in this story is that the exact alcohol percentage has now been measured. This is good to know because I often buy one and then run errands, or have them on a road trip – which essentially is like drinking a very weak beer while driving. Not enough to blow over the legal limit, but still circumstantial enough to arrest you on suspicion of a DUI.

No bueno.

I probably should have titled this “the dangers of fermentation”, but I am sticking with the current – it’s provactive; it gets the people going! (Thanks Jay-z)

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